IN JANUARY 2016 THE 2WHEEL HEROES WAS ESTABLISHED AS A DREAM by a man named Clark who wasn’t happy with the riding groups he was a part of. He didn’t feel they were organized and really weren’t all about making kids happy. One day his son said to him “ Dad why don’t you start your own group”? The question made a lot of sense, so he got together with a friend and came up with the name ‘2Wheel Heroes’. ‘2Wheel’ for them being motorcycle enthusiasts and ‘Heroes’ because they were both veterans. So the 2Wheel Heroes were born. You don’t have to ride a motorcycle to be a part of the group, but there is a lot more to it than just putting on a costume. When doing this you must know your character. For some it’s an extension of you, a piece or a whole part of your personality. You must be a dedicated person to do this. It is like another job but in costume and you get to make children smile. There have been a lot of people that have said they want to join but then realize how much dedication it really takes. Clark, the original founder of the group,was not well behaved as a kid. Clarks father took him to meet one of his heroes, Darth Vader at a local retail store and Clark was able to have his picture taken with him. He thought things couldn’t get any better, but boy was he wrong. The man that was playing Darth took a break and actually sat down with a young Clark and explained that there was no better feeling than making a kid smile just by taking a picture with a kid and a few kind words or catch phrases. For Clark this was life changing. As a person with learning disabilities he knew what it was like to be treated differently. He knows how hard it is to succeed in life, so 2Wheel Heroes were born to make kids smile one picture at a time.

The 2Wheel heroes are a licensed Non-Profit Children’s Cosplay Entertainment group through the M.U.C.H Foundation, Motorcycle Division. We entertain kids at different events to help raise money for whatever charity they are affiliated with for each event, or we choose a charity and at the end of the year all the money we raised gets donated to said charity. Some of those events are the Special Olympics where disabled children can compete in competitive events designed especially for them. We also go to The Children’s Burn Foundation of Florida at the Florida Elks Youth Camp in Umatilla, Florida. The Children’s Burn Foundation of Florida is a private camp for kids that have suffered severe burns. The camp gives them the opportunity to have fun without being stared at or ridiculed for their scars. We also visit hospitals to see kids that are sick to brighten up their day or for their birthdays. We also go to private birthday parties. Everyone that is a part of the 2Wheel heroes give their time freely as volunteers and we do not charge for doing what we do, however we do accept tips to help us keep doing what we do. Those tips help us purchase soda’s, water, and snacks. We also may go out to family meals after some events to celebrate the day, and it helps with any other necessities needed for the group.. This isn’t about ‘us’, this is all about the kids. Currently we are only in the Tampa Bay area but we hope that one day we’ll have enough members and be recognized enough to travel to other states to keep spreading the smiles of kids in need all over. Now as said prior you don’t have to have a motorcycle to be a part of this group. You just have to have the heart and the dedication to do what we do. The 2Wheel heroes with motorcycles also enjoy putting the kids on the bikes to take pictures with any hero or villain that is available at that time with supervision.

The 2Wheel Heroes have several characters in their line up such as Deadpool, Batman, Superman. Ghost Rider, Spiderman, Belle and Beast from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and Anna from ‘Frozen’. Those are just a few. Clark and his wife Nicole have been organizing rides and events for 4 years and are looking for new dedicated members with big hearts that can help. .Even if you don’t want to dress up, there are other volunteer positions available such as promotions, working the booth and crowd control. At the booth we sell key chains and stickers to also help us keep going. Nicole does all the bookings and paperwork but she also runs our booth and works with the female section of the group. Clark works with the men and does our marketing. .As stated before, we are currently recruiting for more members,from costumed characters to people behind the scenes. They are just as important as the characters. So now you know the 2Wheel Heroes and as our motto goes “ It only takes one act of kindness to be a Hero”!!!! So check us out on Facebook and watch our blogs on youtube at 2wheel Heroes.