In 2008 I was involved in a MC Club for a few years until the president, which I considered my brother, passed away from a motorcycle accident. I discovered my passion for riding and helping others in need during the years of being in the MC family. For the last few years, I have been riding with several groups in the Latin community. While riding in the Latin community, I have organized special events where we take a percentage of the entrance fee, raffles, and all sales and give back to the families that we organize the events for.

One of my favorite events that touched my heart was when I dressed up as Wonder Women with ‘2Wheel Heroes’. Two Wheeled Heroes is a group of riders who dress up in various costumes such as superheroes, princesses or movie characters and we organize events for Children. In memory of my friend Antonio Hernandez’s wife, I put together a ride to celebrate her life. His wife became very ill and unfortunately passed away. Before her passing we were able to give her a final moment of joy when she had donations of stuffed teddy bears lined up in her hospital room. Every year during the Christmas season we ride out to different locations to give back to the less fortunate giving them a special moment through hard times. Not only does the Latin community help and give back to others, we also organize big ride outs, such as a women’s ride out. With the women’s ride out we have many ladies from the Florida area who get together to show our love and support for one another. One of the biggest rides of the year called ‘Quemando Brea’ will be held on June 27,2020. There will be hundreds of riders attending from all over Florida. If you’d like to support or participate in the Latin community, every Wednesday we meet up at 8 P.M and stands are up by 9 P.M on 4301 W Hillsborough Ave Tampa, Fl 33614 to have a nice night ride. Hope to see new riders join us, be safe, God bless, and “Never Ride Faster Than Your Angel Can Fly”.

– Love, Rosanna Torres A.K.A La Panda