I grew up in a small town in the middle of the desert called Yermo, California. Wasn’t much to do out there except to go riding. I have been riding ever since I was a young kid. I grew up watching the Crusty Demons of Dirt, Metal Mulisha and Nitro Circus along with my older brother and dad being into riding dirt bikes were my influencers. Started out with old beat up mini bikes and things of that nature and over the years finally got a real bike. I currently ride a 2007 yz250f. I would totally love to upgrade! I started riding street during the year 2012. My boyfriend at the time had a beat up 1995 Yamaha 600 and I basically ended up riding it more than he did and took it over. I currently ride a 20007 cbr1000rr. If I could have all the different bikes I wanted, I would probably have like ten haha.

I moved out here to Florida during the year 2018 due to my job. I am an active duty service member as an Aviation Maintenance Technician. My interests include baking/cake decorating, art, tattoos, travel and modeling. If a new female rider were to ask me for advice, I would say to don’t be afraid to start and don’t give up once you do start. Seat time on the bikes is key when it comes to getting better at riding. I also feel like the riding community is pretty close so usually you can always find people to ride with and are willing to help you learn.

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