My name is ray Morrow I am a Pittsburgh tattoo artist by trade and owner of Reinkarnated Tattoo. I have always had a passion for creating and tinkering and bikes gave me the opportunity to be both creative and mechanical.  The art part has always been a part of my life I spent most classes in school doodling instead of doing the real class work. But when I got my first car at 16 which was an 86 Chrysler LeBaron, since those cars were so reliable, I was forced into gaining some mechanical skills. Skills that showed me that gratification that comes with solving a problem with just your brain and some simple hand tools.  So, with all this combined it’s not hard to see how when I got my first bike that became my preferred form of creating. Since starting to tattoo drawing for fun had stopped and I had needed a way to express my obsessions and ideas. And it seems to come out in motorcycles perfectly. I try to do all the work myself everything from the fab work to the mechanical.  I have even torn down an engine, sanded off all casting marks and did a full rebuild. It’s also complete with oversized valves, ported heads, special jugs and custom-made piston to bring the bore from 1000cc up to 1360cc.  Even the paint polish and so on is custom made.

My work can be seen on Instagram ray_morrow_tattooartist

Photography by Mike Schultz