Antonio Hernandez is one busy businessman! From running a successful business, ‘Ride or Die Motorsports’, to starting a new magazine AND television show, ‘Florida Ride or Die’, Antonio has energy, great ideas, and a future of success! I had the opportunity to catch a few minutes with Antonio to ask him what he’s been up to with Florida Ride or Die and what the readers of can look forward to!

“Florida Ride or Die LLC is a business on Facebook. We sell motorcycle items such as light kits and security systems. We have over 21,000 followers on our Facebook page. We can ship anywhere in the United States. We have many 5-star reviews and satisfied customers.”

The NEW ‘Florida Ride or Die’ Magazine is a project that Antonio is very proud of. “We are ready to move forward with this magazine. It’s about sport bike riders, interviews, stories and the sport bike lifestyle. We will be focusing on those that ride sports bikes here in Florida. For example, we will be doing an interview with the MMA middleweight champion of the world. We will be interviewing people, real people, that ride and live in the state of Florida. These aren’t going to be stories just about pretty girls or handsome guys on a bike, it’s going to be about real people. A nurse, an EMT, a vet technician, an MMA fighter, etc. There are so many people that ride that have accomplished so much in their lives. Those are the ones we are going to be writing about. This is going to be about positive recognition, not negative stories.”

Antonio has a heart of gold when it comes to children in need. He is Spiderman for folks that know him and all the great work that he has accomplished for children. “I have a Spiderman truck, a Spiderman bike, the original Spiderman helmet signed by Stan Lee, and lots of collectibles. I’ve been doing this for years but after my wife (who played Spidergirl) passed away, I put the costumes on mannequins and they reside in my living room now. I’m so busy with my other businesses and new ventures that I don’t have time to do Spiderman.”

In addition to his new magazine, Antonio is also ready to debut a new television show! Antonio explained, “We are also working on a project with Joe Davidson, an actor and director who has been in seven feature films – going from shop to shop interviewing folks that play a part in the sport bike world. Maybe a chrome dipper, racer, air brush artist, etc. We are going to be filming all of this over a week’s time and we may just may something big on our hands. It’s the same concept as ‘Pimp My Ride’ but it will be titled, ‘Florida Ride or Die.’ We are very close to closing the deal on this as well.”

In addition to the new magazine and TV show, Antonio also has Ride or Die Motorsports! “Ride or Die Motorsports is a dealership where you can buy any part or accessories. We also have a showroom and sell motorcycles. “We can ship a motorcycle anywhere in the world. In fact, we just shipped a motorcycle to New York a few minutes ago. We are ready to magnify the sportbike community be a part of it”

Thank you for your time, Antonio!
Congratulations on your new Florida Ride or Die Magazine!

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Liz Lewis
Elsa Rosenburg